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ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA was started by a group of three dedicated professionals. When you hire us for remodeling services in Bernardsville or Morristown, NJ, you'll work with:

Robert S. Riley - With over 20 years of experience in the carpentry and architecture industries, Robert is a reliable contracting consultant specializing in home renovations, additions and landscaping. He has a passion for design and enjoys working closely with clients to help them see every possibility.

Moses "Moe" Lajterman - Moe has decades of real estate experience and approaches each situation differently based on his client's unique needs. As a neighborhood specialist, he has an in-depth understanding of Bernardsville, NJ and the surrounding area. He specializes in short sales, buyer representation and working with first-time homebuyers looking for single-family homes.

Joe Costantin - Joe is an award-winning architect with over 30 years of experience. He specializes in custom home design and believes in always doing what's in the client's best interest. By utilizing the latest design technology, he creates virtual models that allow his clients to visualize their final product.

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Our clients' delight is the cornerstone of our business plan. As a service business, ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA is founded on the simple premise that success depends on how well we please our clients. As such, we guard & defend our clients' best and highest interests throughout the process of creating great design and oversight of the building, purchase, or sale of their homes and businesses.

  1. To constantly push to higher levels of creativity through teamwork with our clients.
  2. To use cutting edge technology in maximizing each client's learning experience and nuances of their projects.
  3. To integrate our extensive construction know-how to make the evolution from design to construction virtually seamless during field administration.

"We appreciate the trust that our clients have invested in us, and in return we continually deliver projects that exceed their expectations. That begins at our initial design meeting, and it doesn't end." - Joe Costantin

"Everyone at ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA is friendly, judicious and deadline driven. We enthusiastically work on any project you bring us; big or small. We have vast experience with everything from large complex projects, to simpler modest size builder speculative projects, to additions, to commercial fit-outs. We understand budgets and timelines are important. ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA brings this wide experience to every project we do." - Joe Costantin,

You'll experience a climate of collaborative design where you become immersed. All efforts are made to make you feel welcome as you are the focus of each design concept. Ultimately each client of ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA understands how this positive atmosphere will produce a home or business that reflects their greatest and highest aesthetic vision. For us, the prospect of continuing to service our clients at this level creates excitement for the entire team at ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA as we look looks forward to continued opportunities to express our capabilities in the future!

Our approach to every design challenge follows the same steps which prove successful time after time.



You and the staff of ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA develop a shared, very clear understanding of the direction along which the project will progress from the beginning. This process includes any other members of the peripheral design team such as interior designers, landscape architects, etc.

The development of detailed design starts only after discovering our client's passions. We provide our clients with vast array of images to be viewed within our conference room to discuss interior and exterior details they wish to incorporate within their project. A variety of architectural plan configurations are reviewed to familiarize the clients with many possibilities for development. This enables us to establish project architectural philosophy and budget that will inform size and/or complexity of each design. The design team will walk the site with the client to discuss the best strategy for providing the program requirements and take advantage of the site views, also to maximize natural lighting by orienting rooms towards the sun. The benefits of energy saving LEED design initiatives and specifications are reviewed and incorporated as desired by the client.



We incorporate AutoCAD and Revit systems which enable us to build a 3-dimensional virtual model from the outset of every project. On video in our conference room, we can guide you around your model and do "fly-overs, and walks-a-rounds", which helps enable you to experience each interior space. When we combine the new virtual model with your site, you will see the anticipated effect of sunlight as it will pass over your home by utilizing seasonal solar orientation analyses. This easily enables you to see the integration of your project into site location very early on in the design process. Conventional stand-alone AutoCAD programs do not have this capability.



Due to the challenges of many of our projects; we draw heavily on the strength of our decades of hands on construction and administrative field direction experience. The extensive knowledge gained as previous builders, carpenters, framers and on-site supervisors ensures successful integration between the architectural team and project builders in implementing efficient solutions to design challenges.

In most cases, going beyond the minimal initial investment, green design is seen as an added investment for long-term savings. Strategic design improvements can allow owners to dramatically downsize or even eliminate costly equipment. When our design team incorporates add-on improvements to achieve true integrated design, they can neutralize or actually reduce a project's first costs.

From the foundation of each design; all projects are developed through a material and environmental impact charrette that enables economical heating and cooling and helps to protect our natural resources.

Our staff is also trained and certified in developing LEED-based endorsements. These can be accomplished through methods like the proper solar orientation of building; geo-thermal cooling & radiant heat systems; maximized efficiency realized through the latest audio/video integration; spray foam insulation; fresh-air exchangers; maximum use of natural light sources; the proper separation of recyclable waste; promoting locally mined stone and many, many others.

Please ask us how we can make your project a healthier place to live!

Every project at ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA starts with a sketch. It is the fastest way to convey a concept of your new project. These loose sketches then become colored renderings and then ultimately 3D virtual models of your project; residential or commercial.