Far Hills, NJ 1

This was an EXTREMELY interesting project! The Main part of this Collegiate Gothic Style house was a 'gut renovation. Windows were changed out to Kolbe and we all figured out how to get the flashing details integrated into the units without having to remove the existing brick veneer. The main (2) sided fireplace was rebuilt, rooms were rearranged and galleries widened. This was quite the design and construction feat.

Perhaps more exciting and outlandish than that was the addition on the left end of the house past the small turfed courtyard in front. Designed to appear as part of the original house; all the detailing matches the old house exterior shell. However, the inside is an entirely different thing! Inside there is a free-form indoor pool at the basement level with souring 45 foot high wood truss and wood plank ceilings. This room has a faux tree and tree fort, a faux wood stairs wrapping around it, a faux stone waterslide, waterfall and 'grotto. At the vase of the tree fort is a bench in the water with spot lights in it pointing up at the tree! Add to this an indoor BBQ and pizza oven in the sides of the giant two-sided fireplace, a large salt-water fish tank, a lounge and antique wood bar, a sauna room in the rear with a basketball court above and exercise loft. A regular child's fantasy birthday party would be staged in there!